Characteristics & applications

  • Emulsifying agent based on aromatic solvents
  • Contains anionic and non-ionic surface agent
  • Specific solvent with high boiling and flash point
  • Ideally suitable for the removal of crude oil, bitumen, paraffin and other high melting point stains
  • Can be used undiluted up to 65°C
  • Safe for use on epoxy, polyurethane, zinc-silicate coatings and stainless steel.
Basic components:
Aromatic & aliphatic solvents, emulsifiers, anionic and non-ionic surface active agents
PH 1%: 7.0
Phys. properties : light amber liquid
Spec. gravity: 0.90
Flashpoint : 65°C - 10% solution in water 95°C
Solubility in H2O : emulsifying with water

Application for use:

Concentration : 2-10% recirculation or direct manual spraying
Temperature: cold - 95°C

Afterwards rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

Safety Aspects
  • avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • in case of irritation rinse with plenty of water
  • Dispose according to regulation.
  • Persistention: product is fully biodegradable

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